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About the

New Prague

Area Arts Council

The Praha Outdoor Performance Stage (POPS) Committee of the New Prague Area Arts Council (NPAAC) is made up of area leaders in the community, city, arts groups and school district. The NPAAC is a non-profit voluntary organization that is fiscally-managed by Independent School District 721. It is managed through the Community Education Department led by Sandi Loxton. The chair of the NPAAC is Den Gardner.


Each year the NPAAC manages Music at the Broz, a summer outdoor concert series; the Dozinky Variety Show on Saturday night of Dozinky weekend, featuring local talent; and also makes grants to community arts organizations on a limited basis. It has previously sponsored student art shows.

Members of the NPAAC include:

  • Den Gardner, Chair

  • Sandi Loxton, Community Education Director

  • Steve Frost

  • Karen Steinhoff

  • Andy Beckius

  • Lisa Brusseau

  • Elise Lundeen

  • Kiersten Dahl-Shetka

  • Larry Pint

  • Dan Cross

  • Carol Hannon-Orr

  • Bill Halvorson

  • Dave Koloc

The New Prague Area Arts Council believes that the overwhelming success of Music at the Broz, even in its first year, demonstrates the need for an outdoor performance facility and the desire of the community for more of these types of activities.

The POPS Committee through the NPAAC is applying for 501c3 non-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While this one-year effort is in process, the POPS Committee is soliciting donations that will be held by the New Prague Rotary Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit affiliated with the New Prague Rotary Club. This arrangement is for up to two years as the POPS is organized legally and structurally in New Prague. The New Prague Rotary Club and the NPAAC have been working in tandem on a number of arts projects in the city.

The POPS Committee is comprised of 20+ leaders. The committee is organized into a series of six sub-committees that is fully explained in the "POPS Committee" area of this website.

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