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New Prague "POPS"
(Praha Outdoor Performance Stage)
It’s Time!

Cities small and large throughout Minnesota encourage and entertain arts lovers throughout the year at outdoor venues to promote those interested in performing to the public. New Prague, a vibrant city of 8,100 people has no outdoor performance facility. “It’s Time” is the catch phrase/motto for a community-wide effort to make this type of facility a reality in New Prague.

Why are we undertaking this effort?

  • To complete a long-standing need of New Prague to provide this type of venue for community use. Creating outdoor arts events in New Prague with a tent/canopy is not a long-term solution.

  • To collaborate with the city, school, community organizations, other community leaders and arts’ groups to build a venue the community can be proud of; and to show the importance of meeting the needs of the community together.

  • To provide a venue for family entertainment throughout the year.

  • To create a facility that is a showcase for the southwest metro area that shines a positive light on the city of New Prague.


The New Prague Area Arts Council (NPAAC) is the lead non-profit arts organization undertaking this important city project to build the Praha Outdoor Performance Stage (POPS) for the community through a private funding effort. It is doing this organized through an ad hoc POPS Committee of community, city, school, arts groups and other leaders who are dedicated to seeing this project come to fruition in the next three years for the city.


You can view our full fundraising proposal by clicking here.


We will start running weekly radio spots on KCHK Radio.  KCHK is a Bronze sponsor of POPS through this trade for radio spots and quarterly interviews about POPS with community leaders on the building effort. Enjoy. It’s Time!

KCHK Radio Spot

The photos below are of potential outdoor performance facility sites in New Prague.  These are just potential sites as recommended by the Park Board and city personnel. 

No design or site has been chosen yet.

Potential Sites

Shown Below are three of the potential sites for a new Praha Outdoor Performance Stage.


Several studies are planned to evaluate each potential area and determine the pros and cons of each site and the feasibility of each site to handle a facility of the type desired.

Click on a site photo to see more information about that site.

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