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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Praha Outdoor Performance Stage (POPS) committee?

This is a voluntary group of interested community citizens formed to raise the funds to build an outdoor performance facility in New Prague. It is made up of business, community, arts groups, school and other citizen-leaders in New Prague.

How is the POPS committee organized?

It has an informal group of officers as follows:

Chair, Den Gardner

Vice Chair, Karen Steinhoff

Secretary, Sandi Loxton

Treasurer, Bruce Wolf

The POPS Committee also has a leadership team, which includes:

Steve Frost

Andy Beckius

Jon Colling

Joe Barten

Lisa Brusseau

Shannon Brusseau

Brooke Sticha

Tony Buthe

Julie Schmitz

Ben Hilding

Larry Pint

Who are the groups most likely to use an outdoor performance facility (OPF)?

Use of the POPS would be widespread. Some users might include:

  • New Prague Community Band

  • New Prague Community Choir (Hymnus)

  • Music at the Broz Summer Concert Series

  • Dance events

  • Theatre events

  • Print/Sculpture art exhibitions

  • Staging for Half-Marathon Awards

  • Chamber events throughout the year

  • NP Historical Society programs

  • Exercise classes

  • Community Education programming

  • Library programming

  • Scout programming

  • School district activities

  • Churches for special programming

  • Wedding and other special group events (revenue-raising opportunities)

  • Other miscellaneous groups.

Will the POPS Committee become a formal non-profit organization at some point?

The POPS Committee is part of the Forward New Prague Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt organization.


The New Prague Area Arts Council is still intimately involved in the building project.

How much money will be raised for the project?

There are expected to be two phases implemented to raise the money.


The goal for Phase One will be to raise $1 million; $500,000 in year one, $250,000 in year two and $250,000 in year three.


The goal for Phase Two – in year four – will be an additional $500,000.


These numbers are based upon research in other communities and informal discussions with architectural/engineering firms about the likely costs for a building of this type.

How will the money be specifically raised for this effort?

A fundraising sub-committee is raising money for the building  project.


Money will be raised through private donations, although efforts will be made to apply for public and private grants after a site is selected.


There also are likely to be special events during the year to promote the effort and/or to raise money for the building project.

How can I get involved in the committee?

There are 25+ people overall on the committee. Just raise your hand and say you want to help. Contact Den Gardner at: or call his cell at: 612/325-3981. He can provide more information for you.


What exactly will this POPS look like?

This will depend, in part, on the amount of money raised and the location of the facility.


The goal is a structure that will be of adequate size to support large group performances (such as the New Prague Community band and/or other orchestras), dance groups, and other similar-sized groups, including private parties (e.g., wedding groups).


We would like to plan for a seating area that could accommodate about 500 people.


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